Stallion from GP-Winner Fahrenheit out of an auction mare from Trakehner Kaiserkult.

This horse is sensitive but also cool with his environment.

Especially his walk is considerable! But also trot and canter are very interesting.


Waldfee's sister produced Andro v. Andric. He is placed in GP and was 2004 at place 427 in WBFSH ranking list dressage. Westpoint came also from the direkt family. PSG and Inter I successful. Also Bahai v. Baroncelli GP successful in the US. From direkt dam line was 4 horses at auction in Verden, 2 in Münster and also seven state premium mares from direkt dam line of Ferdinand.

Las Vegas

This wonderful and handsome stallion. His mother is halfsister from approved stallion Spörcken and Si Senjor.

This dam line is really fantastic. Also direct dam line! A lot of auctions horses are comming our of the direkt dam line.

Si Jenjor which is also a halfsisster of Reine Freude has won S-Dressage. Also Horacio and Bonaparte are places in S-Dressage and also Inter I. Feuertanz from Foundation comes also from Norodina dam line. He was placed at Bundeschampionat 2017.

Reine Freude had also one premium stallion from Stedinger. He was qualified for Bundeschampionat of 5 years old horses. Halfsister of this foal from Sarkozy was best mare in 2016 in Rheinland-Pfalz. Also she has won DPF A, L and M. She was placed in S-dressage when she was only 7 years old.